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News Guangdong

More voices call for end to violence in HK

People from all walks of life in Hong Kong formed a united front on Friday to speak out against violence after the city has endured radicalism and unrest since mid-June as a result of repeated protests.

China to build western land-sea freight passage by 2025

China plans to build an efficient and environmentally friendly freight system in its western region by 2025 through expanding railway networks and sea ports, according to the latest plan by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC).

Trade uncertainties still biggest threat to world economy

Two years ago when the U.S. launched a probe into alleged Chinese intellectual property practices, few had expected the scale and scope of the trade tensions that are still rumbling on.

Hong Kong airport resumes operation after protest-forced halt

The Hong Kong International Airport started to resume operation on Wednesday after chaos and flight cancellations caused by protesters.

Taiwan students experience Xiguan culture

Twelve primary and secondary students from Taiwan toured Xiguan, which is also known as Saikwan, on Aug 13 along with 13 Guangzhou students to get a glimpse into its profound history, fascinating culture, and month-watering culinary delicacies.

Mainland, Hong Kong celebrities condemn riots at airport, call for rule of law

Actor Jackie Chan said he was "sad and worried" about what is going on in Hong Kong. "Hong Kong is my hometown and China is my motherland. I love them and I hope Hong Kong could return to peace as soon as possible," Chan told China Central Television on Tuesday.
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